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Classes meet at Jillian's Drawers, 171 E State St, Ithaca, NY 14850
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There is no doubt! Children are drawn to music from the very beginning. A child's musical expression usually begins around 5-6 months old when she starts to bounce to the rhythm and coo around a resting tone of a song.  We have learned that musical development happens right along-side language.  With a home environment that is rich in musical encouragement, a child can develop accuracy with pitch and steady beat by the age of 4 (around the same age a child can speak confidently in full sentences).


Do you need to be an expert to teach music your child?  NO!

Little kids naturally learn best  from their primary caregivers . They just want to be with you!  Musical development happens naturally when children are engaged and encouraged to share in their parents’ and community’s enjoyment of music.


Miss Angie’s Music classes help parent and child to develop a musical playfulness and rapport which will in return foster deeper musical growth.  This is done with our playful and imaginative classroom instruction and our fabulous recorded music.  

I can help bring GREAT kid's music into your lives!  

Mr. Leon and I have written and adapted over 200 songs for you and your family to share!  Each 10 week session families are provided with a CD of 24 songs to take home and learn together. The songs are fun, simple, catchy, and great quality music that the whole family can jam out to!


Each week I lead my classes through an hour of imaginative musical play.  The lessons are so fun and engaging, kids don't even realize they are receiving the building blocks for a solid musical foundation that will stay with them for their whole lives.  The kids are having a great time enjoying focused playtime with their parents, singing songs, dancing, and pretending they are animals.  They shake shakers, bang on big drums, ride on imaginary trains. and have a ball dancing under the 12' parachute.  They watch puppet shows and sometimes are invited to perform in the shadow theater. I take great pride in the fact that kids LOVE Miss Angie's Music. I am confident that you will love being an active participant in your child’s development of rhythm, melody, harmony, intuitive listening and improvisational skills.

I am happy to have seen many friendships form in my 12 years in the classroom.  I work hard to keep the classroom a welcoming place for people of all walks of life.  I hope you will come and join us!

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